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Staceage Modern Fabrics, Fur, Leather and Trims…Live Famously!

At Staceage we know you want to look good! Whether it’s what you wear or how you decorate, whether you love modern classics or contemporary retro, we have all the modern fabrics, fur, trims and leather you need to leave a lasting impression. Let Staceage help you find specialty faux fur, metallic leather, glitter vinyl, handmade fringe and more. Our exceptional quality will knock your socks off! Enter the Staceage and live famously!

Fall in Love with Delicious, Inspiring Fabrics from Staceage

Have you been looking for rich, unforgettable fabric? Then look no further! From our liquid velvet to flocked silk, metallic tapestry to our signature damask Staceage has the fabrics you’ve been waiting for! Discover a rainbow of colors in vinyl, silk satin, silk velvet, toile and taffeta. For unique, revolutionary fashion and interior design check out our Karate Guy, Flower Pop Art and Textured Cotton Prints.

Staceage Leather: Live Like a Rock Star!

We are proud to offer the absolute finest in metallic leather! Green, blue, pink, red, gold and more…we’ve got it all. You won’t find these metallic hides anywhere else. Every metallic leather hide is uniquely shaped and approximately 25 square feet. Staceage metallic leather…worth every penny!

Expand Your Consciousness with Stunning Faux Fur

Fur is something we all love! The soft, luxurious look and feel is unlike anything else in the world…until now! Staceage animal free fur is the finest faux fur in the world, imported exclusively from France. Woven to appear as natural as possible our faux fur will not shed once used in a finished product. Check out our gorgeous fawn, leopard, chinchilla, mouton and lynx faux fur, as well as our signature colors.

Handmade Trim: A Fashion and Interior Design Exclusive

Handmade in Egypt, Staceage trims are of outstanding quality. Our trim collection is made with the finest fibers in vibrant colors you won’t get from our competitors. Trims have been designed to layer and enhance even the simplest of fashion and interior design projects. Modern fringe, tassels, pom poms and double cord are just a few of our beautiful, contemporary specialties. Staceage…a designer’s dream!

Atlanta’s Best Modern and Contemporary Furniture: Put Some Stace in Your Place!

Stacey Sheron is an interior design artist and the genius behind Staceage modern furniture. Staceage was started with her vision of exotic color, unique style and modern flair. Visit our Midtown Showroom to explore our exclusive collection of contemporary furniture. Staceage…your #1 resource for modern furniture in the Atlanta metropolitan area.