Staceage Faux Fur: A Rainbow of Colors

The soft, luxurious feel of Staceage animal free fur may seem unreal, but the beauty of our signature faux fur is an absolute fact. Exclusively from France, our faux fur is woven and not knit. This ensures it will not shed once it has been used in a final product.  What makes our faux fur different?  It is woven complete with an undercoat in order to mimic the way fur would naturally occur.  Created specifically for modern interior design and contemporary fashion design projects our faux fur is available in a variety of natural prints.

  • Lynx
  • Mouton
  • Leopard
  • Chinchilla
  • Fawn

We also offer a rainbow of signature colors you won’t soon forget!

  • Ruby Red
  • Pink
  • Gold

Animal Free Fur and Socially Responsible Interior Design

Do you love the look and feel of fur, but prefer not to support the fur industry?  Let Staceage assist you with socially responsible interior design.  There is no reason to sacrifice luxury!  Simply try our animal free fur, we know you’ll love it.  Enter the Staceage and experience the guilt free, decadence of faux fur. 

Live Famously with Top of the Line Faux Fur

The team at Staceage is dedicated to providing high quality fashion and interior design products and services to all of our customers across the globe.  Whether you visit our showroom in Atlanta, Georgia or you visit us online we believe you deserve the best!  If you have questions about our signature faux fur or any of our other modern fabric, trim, leather, furniture or wallpaper CONTACT US today! One of the Staceage team is ready to assist you.