Signature Trims: Perfect for Any Occasion

Exclusively offered by Staceage, our collection of trim features vibrant solid hues designed with layering in mind so you can create the color combinations of your dreams. Handmade in Egypt using the highest quality fibers we offer trims hard to find anywhere else.

  • amazing & gorgeous moss fringe
  • Beautiful & simple button tape
  • Stylish, elegant cord
  • Mack daddy, hand tied tassel fringe
  • Classy modern pom poms
Fall in Love With Our Scrumptious Silk Fabrics

Our signature trims are the perfect complement to modern furniture, drapery or contemporary fashion designs. Whether you need brush fringe, skirt fringe, double cord or gimp, Staceage has trim for all of your fashion and interior design needs.  

Staceage Trims: The Perfect Finishing Touch

At Staceage we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with the finest fashion and interior design products available.  Our collection of rare modern fabrics and trims is one of our greatest achievements. Chain tassel fringe, button tape, double cord, gimp, moss fringe, brush fringe and skirt fringe are just few of our signature trims.  Velvety and fun, out trims are perfect for fashion and interior design accents, embellishments and enhancements.  Let Staceage help you make an outstanding first impression!    

Atlanta’s #1 Provider of Contemporary Trim, Modern Fabric and Much More!

If you are looking for a mind-blowing experience then visit our showroom in Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll find modern furniture, contemporary fabrics, stunning trim, metallic leather, glitter vinyl, animal free fur and everything else you need to live famously!  We also work with clients around the globe.  Can’t find the fabric you need? Interested in interior design products that are truly art?  CONTACT US and we’ll help you discover the innovative, beautiful world of Staceage!